Inspiring: Korede Shares His 'Dream Come True' Story Behind New Song #SomebodyGreat (Photo)

 Korede took to his Instagram page to share this inspiring story.

He has just released a new track titled "Somebody Great' featuring Asa, and he had this to say:

"I vividly remember listening to @Donjazzy's beats with some of my friends and be like 'Jazzy's surely one of the Greatest producers that Africa has produced.' I also remember buying @asa_music album when it came out - probably the first music CD I ever bought with my money. Listening to her message and her voice thinking to myself 'I'ld love to work with someone as Great'

Now having both ASA and Donjazzy on the same soooong  makes me feel like I'm on the right path to be becoming #SomebodyGreat someday by God's grace. Amen"
 Dreams do come true, after all.

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