"It Is None Of Your Business What I Have Between My Legs!"- Nigerian Transgender Slams Bloggers

Nigerian Transgender, Miss Sahhara has gone on the defensive, taking to her face book page to slam bloggers who claim she just had her 'eggplants' (testicles) removed recently.

Miss Sahhara, who is a beauty queen claims she had her sex reassignment surgery done years ago. Read what she wrote on facebook page below:

“… I had my gender reassignment surgery years ago, not that it is your business to know what I have between my legs......no one was born a man or a woman. You are born male, female or intersex. You are assigned assumed preferred gender at birth by the hospital. Then you grow up as a boy or a girl based on the gender you are assigned, you become a teenager, and an adult subsequently 'Man or woman'. I lived part of my teenage life and all my adult life as a female. Saying she/he was born a 'Man or woman' is stupid and ignorant! i have always been a female. my brain, voice, mannerisms & appearance are all female. i didnt have any sudden epiphany to self discovery after living in one gender all my life as some of these bloggers may think...Perhaps, is the reason why I am effortlessly womanly .........Educate yourselves on your subject before you write. Fools!”

I don't know why I find her response amusing. Lol
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