Meeting An Online Date For The First Time, The Appropriate Venue..

His house, her house, a hotel, an eatery or any other place..

You have finally decided to meet each other in reality after so much acquaintance on internet and you are breathtakingly looking forward to meet him/her.

The issue of where to meet now seem to become a problem because he wants the lady to come to his house at the first meeting claiming that he doesn't like going out on a first date except it has to be his house but she refused with an excuse that been friends online for long is not enough reason to be that free to visit him in his house on the first date as he may be different from the online sweet guy she knows.

The he offers to go visit her on her house. She still insists on not inviting him (secondary stranger) to her house not knowing what may follow after his visit. She insisted that they should meet out for a while like see movies, beaches, eateries at their both expense as long as it has to be open places till they are ok to visit each other but he bluntly refused and insisted it must be his house.

I believe you all have your opinions of places of meeting your online crush for the first time in other to make it unique? Is she wrong or right by refusing to agree to his condition and is he wrong or right by refusing to go on an outing for their first date?

Remember they may not be in the same state, so who should visit who? What's your opinion?
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