What do you think about Tattoo’s? Well a lot have been said about tattoo and in retrospect tattoo’s used to be some sort of taboo but that’s not the case this days. Tattoo or body art have become some sort of norm/tradition among this modern crowd, some people see it as a form of showing how mature you are, some do it because their idols have it on them, some do it in a state of drunkenness thereby leaving a large room for regret. Now the basis of this conversation is not the reasons why people have on tattoos, its more focused on what tattoo’s on a female mean, what does it say about you.

Victoria Kimani

 Now we are of course in Africa and our African mothers have a mind set of their own, this being said, when you are visiting your mother in-law for the first time and you have tattoo’s, it has been known that a lot of ladies cover it all up because they don’t want to leave a bad impression. The question now boils down to how tattoo’s on a lady is perceived.

Very curious I decided to ask several people what it meant to them and the answers I got was indeed diverse but majority of the vote went to “indecent”. Specifically I got quotes from my bosses and one said “I generally prefer modest girls…so am not sure a tattooed babe would work for me” and another said  “yes I can date a lady with tattoo’s but I would never take her to mama” ouch, but that’s the impression I got from the other men I asked also. Even in this modern times when every 2 in 5 women have tattoos, they are still perceived as indecent and improper only a few percent think its a form of art, the lower percentage steer clear for religious purposes. On the other hand tattoos on men has a different impression but that’s a topic for another day.  

 Leveling the playing field I decide to throw in another question, this time to the ladies “If you were a mum and your son brings home a girl with tattoo’s how would you react? Well the reaction I got was quite different from that of the men, here are some of the quotes; Uche said “Indifferent, all that matters is her attitude” this reply was quite similar to what Thonia had to say “ermm well unless I don’t see it at first instance before we get talking because I would automatically be judgmental, but when we get talking and she seems to be a nice girl and I see a tattoo on her afterwards, I won’t mind, what really matters is my sons happiness sha. Well I had quite a different reaction from Jane “I sincerely won’t accept the girl, tats are for people that want to lose their reputation in d society, it comes with a lot of stigma and i will not want my son associating with that kind of person. This is to tell you even us as females have our reservations about tattoos.

To wrap this up, I would say I don’t have issues with tattoo’s except for my religious view but in all honesty, tattoo’s especially on a lady gives the perception of wild and reckless, and majority of the women who have tattoos on don’t have good behaviors and that’s a fact so guys what do you think?

Tonto Dike(Mz Chuchill)

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