Why men date but don’t marry materialistic ladies.

“Why do men date but don’t marry materialistic ladies?” This has been a common question on many people’s lips. Some ladies, though pretty and attractive lack their life-mate. There may be many causes to this problem but today, I will love to write on one of the major reasons ladies remain single: materialism.

What is materialism? Materialism can simply be defined as having a strong interest in material possessions rather than spiritual values. The spirit of materialism has overtaken so many ladies that they can give up anything-including their virginity- for the things of the world. Materialism is not just a habit that needs to be broken but a life-style that requires self-discipline to quit. It is destructive and can prevent any serious-minded man from showing interest in marriage. Now, the question is: “Why do men date but don’t marry materialistic ladies?” Are you materialistic? Have you wondered why men date but don’t marry you? The only answer to this question is: “Men date you because

you are cheap and can easily be manipulated at the sight of money but refuse to show interest in marriage because you are not a wife material.” “Materialistic ladies are not wife materials.” Materialistic ladies are nightmares to serious-minded men who want to settle down. No man will ever want to marry a lady who is too demanding, extravagant and only interested in their bank accounts. No man wants to take a liability as a wife.

Nowadays, it has become more difficult for men to choose their life-partners because, research has shown that over 90% of ladies in the world are materialistic. These ladies can never engage in any meaningful discussion that will lead to their personal development rather, they only show strong desire for money, material possessions such as: latest phones, cars, clothing and accessories rather than spiritual and intellectual values or things that will enhance their personal development. A materialistic girl is a gold digger who is with a man only for his wealth and not for the sake of love. Their interest is far from seeking for true love, they scavenge their way to every bank account they can get hold of and suck their victims dry till they become penniless.

Now tell me, why would a man waste his time on some girl who doesn’t possess an atom of love for him? To materialistic ladies, love doesn’t exit. They only care about their body, wardrobe and material possessions. They call themselves “high maintenance girls.” They even belittle themselves going out with men old enough to be their grand-fathers. From my research, 99.9999% of materialistic ladies are prostitutes. They sleep with any man: tall, short, dark, fair, fat, or slim for the sake of money. It amuses me whenever I hear these prostitutes say “I have taste and expensive to maintain.” In contrast, these ladies lack pride and integrity, and also, they are the cheapest thing anyone has ever bought. “Beauty without brain.” I wonder why any man will marry a promiscuous lady? A lady that can never be trusted is not worth getting married to.

I have also discovered a very important fact about materialistic ladies and that is: they are very lazy. “Why must I work to earn money?” “Opps! My skin needs no stress” “just use what you have to get what you want” and so on are the statements always on the lips of materialistic ladies. I am not condemning good-living. Everyone deserves a good life but every good-living must be positively earned. You must work to earn a living. But materialistic girls don’t seem to understand this. These jobless and lazy girls feel that life is all about fixing expensive weaves, carrying latest phones, designer bags, wearing expensive clothes, driving costly cars out of someone else’s pocket. They lack vision, direction and never think of the future.

Every man needs a woman who will support them and make them a better man. Even the bible made us to understand in proverbs 12:4 that “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, but she who shames him is as rottenness in his bone”. Proverbs 18:22 says “He who find a wife, finds a good thing and has obtained favour from the lord.” I will love to emphasis on the word “wife.” A wife is not just a married woman rather, a married woman that has inspired her husband to success. A wife is a blessing to her husband. Now, the question is: what is good about a materialistic girl? Can a materialistic girl make a good wife?” The answer is “no.” A good wife is descent, inspiring, honest, supportive, organized, interactive, understanding, God-fearing, trustworthy, hard-working, ambitious, selfless, smart, intelligent, respectful, responsible, independent, faithful, caring etc. Can any of these qualities be found in a materialistic lady?

Ladies, how will you feel about a man who only talks of sex? Will you be confident enough to accept such man as a husband? Will you ever trust such a man in marriage? A materialistic girl is no different. Men don’t marry them because they are not wife- materials. Even in relationships, they leave a bad impression that turns serious-minded men off. I once met a lady who rejected a marriage proposal because she thinks the ring is too cheap for her. Wonders can never seize to happen! I guess the man was very lucky.

Now, let’s take a look at the qualities of a materialistic girl. From my observations, I have come to the conclusion that materialistic ladies are lazy, unfaithful, negatively competitive, not supportive, selfish, not ambitious, too dependent, too demanding, irresponsible, extravagant, negatively smart, not intelligent, careless with children, etc. They lack focus, direction, respect, understanding and above all, can cause a man’s failure. A man’s choice of life-partner can be his making or his breaking. As far as marriage is concerned, finance is a key element that determines the success of a marriage. What happens when a man spends more than he earns? You can imagine. It is pertinent every lady quits materialism. If you must build a happy home, then you must give men every reason to believe that “you are the one” and you must be sincere with every character you exhibit else, your marriage starts failing even before it gets started. You can attract a man with your beauty but only your character can keep him. Try to be beautiful from your inside to your outside. Above all, to be a better wife, a better mother and a better friend, you must quit materialism!

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