7 Artistes That Are Not Making Money From The Music Industry (See Them)

The music industry has become one of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria of recent, and this has made it attract numerous

Some see the industry as the easiest way to making it, also they desire the Cadillac and luxury lifestyles of those that have made it.

Nonetheless, it is pertinent to note that not all those who ventures into the music industry succeed and also, not all those who are popular or seems to be in the stardom cash from the industry.

Some have other forms of income and others are simply broke, this might result from piracy, poor materials and publicity.

Presently, we have some artistes that are not making money from the industry, they are:

1. Mode 9: when we talk about Nigerian Hip-Hop, the name that flashes our mind is Mode 9.

It is sad that the legendary rapper makes little or no money from music.

He admitted once in an interview that his music has gained him fame but not riches.

Though very talented, he has not been able to commercialize himself and his music overtime, majorly because of his rigid pattern.

2. Brymo: it is disheartening that I am including this rare talent in this list, because I think he’s one of the few that gives us hope that the Nigerian music industry is still going places.

But truth be told, Brymo is not getting the attention he deserves.

His works are great (still jamming his recently released album) but it will be very rewarding for him to get more shows, endorsements and publicity.

3. DJ Cuppy: nobody should argue this: Because it’s obvious that the lady Disc Jockey c*m the daughter of one of the richest men in Africa solely still survives on her family’s wealth.

She will really need to DJ in several shows to even make the money she uses to promote herself.

So be wise before you vent to be a DJ because of her.

4. Yung 6ix: the self-acclaimed king of the south-south, Warri born rapper might own a Range Rover and live in Lekki but we all know that his father can afford that for him.

6ix has not enjoyed much endorsements, shows, CD sales in his career, this limiting the money he cashes out.

5. Charly Boy: also known as ‘Area Fada’ who is also very controversial, has made little money from the music industry.

He said he used most of his last album CDs as souvenir to visitors in his home.

I believe he has other means of making money that are not known to all, because of his luxury lifestyle.

6. Olu Maintain: the ‘Yahooze’ crooner has been trying to hold a firm grip in the music industry since the release of his chart topping single Yahooze.

He might still be one of the ‘big boys’ in the game because of his opulent display but certainly not cashing it from his music.

7. Skiibi: my friend asked me not to include him on this list because he’s yet to prove himself as an artiste.

Though he was signed by money-bag ‘E-money’, skiibi has made less impact in the industry if not for his “faked death” that made him trend.

It’s recorded that he has not been booked for a show before not more an endorsement deal.

He’s still busy popping the Champagne for the rest members of the Five-Star crew; Kcee and Harrysong.

Who do you think is missing here?
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