I Remember my first cut, it’s one of those memories that sticks to you because of their significance. I remember I was so happy to be rid of my full and lengthy natural hair. Who cared, I didn’t cry because I cut off my hair, I was too happy to ditch it. This happened so so many year ago and I maintained a low cut hairstyle throughout my secondary school days. Now that am back with a full head of (damaged) hair am beginning to go down memory lane, should I chop it off or not?

Before chopping your hair off you must first consider a number of things. There is an argument that says taking care of short hair is much more tasking than your long hair and they say this because you get to plait and weave your longer hair while for a low cut hairstyle, except you are on a wig constantly, you have to thoroughly wash and prep daily.

Another argument is the fact that they say the low cut hairstyle waste a lot of products, well this all depends on how you want to carry your short hair; then again every hair needs moisturizer and various products to keep it healthy and well groom so there is no argument here.

Now, its not all negative talk, there are perks to carrying the low cut hairstyle and such include; the fabulous cuts and styles, the fact that dying your hair takes shorter time than with longer hair, there’s enough space for your hair to breath so there is rarely ever a case of dandruff etc.

So am pretty sure there are a number of you out there that are just like me, maybe you are ready to make the decision but you need further proof and push that would help you make the decision faster, here are 8 gorgeous low cut hairstyles that you could slay in;

Top Dye
Dyed Curls
Straw Curl
Fulls Waves
Low Fade

Deep Curls

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