What does it mean - to be an accountant?

They wear thick glasses often tediousness and are not interested in anything other than debit and credit. These are just some of the stereotypes associated with the accounting profession. Today, however, in the labor market, this profession is among the ten most popular ones. Le's find out what is the reality of being an accountant, and why do many  people underestimate this job.

Over five-hundred history of the profession, it had time to acquire a mass of prejudices. Most popular among them is that being an accountant is boring and uninteresting. Indeed, it can be fun to work with numbers and accounts, as unlike any other profession, accounting delivers joy not during the process, but with the results, especially when your company has much of profits.

Adamma, 46 years: "I work as an accountant for 20 years. If this job would not bring me any joy, I would have chosen another. I apprehend numbers as notes. When the annual report figures agree, I feel incredible satisfaction. Perhaps it can be compared to the joy experienced by the composer when he hears the music, born from the score written by him. "

Indeed, the image of the boring accountant emerged in Nigeria during a commercial boom. Then there was a mass of small firms and the high demand for experts, who were required a little: do records and deal with bills. After finishing the monthly accounting courses, any housewife could get a job and not being distracted by watching a series of Game of Thrones, to reduce the debit with the credit. Today accounting is a demanding job that requires the specialists with high concentration and, of course, the desire to learn. The accountant should keep in mind a lot of information, keep track of financial processes, know the law and constantly improve the professional level, in order to stay afloat.

Fasina, 27 years old: "It can bring a smile, but I was born in the dynasty of Accountants. My grandfather was an accountant, my father too. I continued the tradition. To conduct the financial affairs of the company, it's and incredible work and a huge responsibility. When friends know what I do, they are surprised, because I do not look like the notorious, tedious aunt - an image that create people, who do not know how important and respected is my profession. "
"Accounting job is underpaid and undervalued" - it is thought so by many students, who are facing the choice of whether to become employees of the financial department or, for example, become the lawyers. This idea is wrong, because today the accountant jobs in Lagos are remunarated from ₦100 000 to ₦300 000. Moreover, any ordinary employee always has a chance to climb the career ladder and take the position of financial analyst, auditor, consultant or chief accountant! You can check here - http://jiji.ng/accounting-and-finance-jobs, what are the existing offers for accountant vacancies right now by visiting Jiji!

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