How TBoss's Siblings Christopher and Wendy Idowu are making it a hard world for Tboss to live in

Back at the house, series of events unfolded, some negatively graced the Internet, the media went into a frenzy, actions were misinterpreted whenever the 2nd runner up of the Big Brother Naija 2017, Tboss Idowu comes up in the news.

Actions were blamed on her, she was accused of witchcraft, BBN rigging intent, contempt was on her. It can be recalled that she rarely graced the Internet for the right reasons, if not that she failed to recite the National anthem then it could be because evictions were blamed on her. 
What message am I trying to convey, the HATE on her was/is much.

A lot of people refused to campaign for her, not because she wasn't worth their campaign but just because she wasn't on their liking radar. This apparently saw to it that the 'boss lady' never smelt the trophy nor 1st runner place, a popular celebrity said she was hated because of her skin colour.
One of the reasons Tboss did not clinch the trophy I think is the fact that those who campaigned for her were a bit rude, silly in some aspect, her sister Wendy being an example.

Recall that Nigerians dragged her for saying they(Idowus) suffered racism while growing up both in Nigeria and Romania. According to her, they suffered acceptance in Nigeria because of their skin color and mixed nationality, Finally ended by saying Tboss is being hated by Nigerians because she's light-skinned.

While all this was going on, I kept contemplating that the Boss Lady will try to win back the love of the nation on her because I believe that once Nigerians have swept you under their feet, written down your name in the black book of their heart, then your way forward is only a miracle.

Tboss is trying her best to win the love of Nigerians over her again, she reportedly forgave Kemen whose saga contributed to somewhat hate on her forgiving him was a step forward, and then she went on live video to talk about 'The groping saga' where apparently it all started, insinuating a way forward is a better option, secondly she is not in a fight with anyone as at the time of publishing this post even when clearly she isn't on the offending side, Helen Paul and AY as examples.

I know all these and more she has in mind should get people back to her, but then comes Christopher and Wendy Idowu whose actions might keep that plan of hers chained, just when she thought all the hate Nigerians had for her will die with the show, her siblings are trying to make it a tough choice for her.

Few days after she came back from South Africa, her brother, Christopher Idowu outed Kogi state born act, Tunde Ednut, insinuating he was using his sister' name to kick-start his career, shading the heck outa the 'jingle bell' crooner and the fight is yet to end.

As if it was not enough, his sister Wendy Unfollowed Ace comedian, AY, with the reason that he did not campaign for her sister, and then she outed 'Kemen' again, saying he should be isolated from events and photos that involve other ex-housemates after she has accused the TV show organizers of celebrating him.

Are the housemates complaining?. The victim involved in the 'Groping saga' forgave him and decided to put the past behind her, but her siblings have refused to do the same.
Nigerians have condemned this saying the issue should be left to rest, but just like a water being poured on a stone, the Idowus continue their outing and social media ranting, and the hate from Nigerians only boil down to one person, Tboss.

You know that awkward moment someone pours fuel on an already quenching fire, Tboss is trying to win back Nigerians but Wendy & Christopher have the fuel, all they do is to pour and pour and pour.
Are they the only siblings of an ex-housemate? I learnt Kemen has siblings, Marvis has alot, Bisola too and other housemates are not exempted. Have you seen any of them coming online to rant?
You think they don't have issues bothering them over the just concluded controversial show. I am not saying you shouldn't defend your sister or try to debunk rumours about her. All I am trying to say is help and make her world a safe place for her to stay.

Have you ever lost the love of Nigerians then clearly you don't know how she feels.  Did it not dawn on you guys on what might have made her go on media to tell Nigerians 'Please Love me again'. The hate is much.

Big Brother Naija has come and gone, yes Tboss made it to the Top 3, she is still a celebrated housemate and a celebrity outside the house. The last time I checked she isn't deaf nor dumb, she can speak for herself, when she need you guys I know you will be there for her, apparently you are already, creating more issues and picking on Nigerians only increases the hate on her, making people have a bad image of the Idowus.

 Recently, Christopher was in the news not him outing someone but him being outed for the case of an alleged woman brutality and abortion intent, something that would have been avoided if he had shut his mouth to some certain things, and I trust Nigerians they will keep on digging and digging and digging until they come up with something.

You guys have a job of getting the love of  Nigerians to hover again over your Sister, and not making it a hard world, an abhorred society for her to stay and leave in.
The Hate on her should stop!! The show is over!
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