Check Out Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend She's a 19/20-year-old brunette model

 Leonardo DiCaprio has been officially single for months now. His relationship with Kelly Rohrbach fell apart late last year, reportedly, and their split was announced back in January. Incidentally, Leo’s people announced the break up just a few weeks before she officially aged out of his Girlfriend Requirements

– Kelly turned 26 years old on January 21, and the breakup was announced the first week of January. Because Leo will never, ever have an official girlfriend who is older than 25. But would he ever date a model well under the age of 25 who just happens to be a brunette? That’s what I’m asking myself now.

Now that Oscar season’s ended, Leonardo DiCaprio may be back to collecting models rather than awards. Spies said the star’s dating Victoria’s Secret Pink model Chelsey Weimar. She and Leo were seen leaving Nobu Malibu together and she posted Instagram shots that eagle-eyed spies say are from Leo’s homes in LA.
But a source whined of Leo’s alleged new love, “It’s not true. He isn’t spending time with anyone. Most of his time lately has been in places like Indonesia, trying to help save the ecosystem.”

First of all, a denial from an unnamed source to Page Six doesn’t mean much. Leo and his PR team usually deny his relationships in the beginning, then after he’s been dating a lady for a few months, the “sources” admit that yeah, they’re dating. And while it’s true that Leo has been in Indonesia for a few weeks (I think), it also wouldn’t surprise me at all if we’re just finding out now that he had been hanging out (exclusively) with a young Victoria’s Secret model.

Anyway, there are actually no event photos of Chelsy Weimar, and very little official information about her, meaning that’s it possible that her publicist wanted a quick hit to get his client some attention. Or it could mean that Leo is about to roll out a new official girlfriend. In February 2012, The Fashion Spot had Chelsey’s age listed as 15/16. Meaning her current age is likely 19/20 right now. What would we say if Leo is dating a teenager? And a brunette to boot? That being said, I creeped on her Instagram this morning and this young woman is STUNNING. She’s really beautiful, and she’s got a different “look” than Leo’s usual ladies.

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