6 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

As Air is to life and dancing is to an Indian Movie (I’m yet to see an Indian movie without dancing) so is food to a Nigerian wedding.

You sure would want your food to be so good that your guest can’t stop talking about it for a very long time. For this reason you need to pay close attention to what and how your wedding guest are to be served. It’s always better to ask for referrals from Family and Friends.

Your other vendors such as the person handling cocktail or baking your cake may also have suggestions for a good caterer. Once you’ve narrowed down to a few caterers arrange to have an interview and ask this 6 question No 3 is a deal breaker.

  1. How Long Have You Being Doing This and How Many Weddings Have You Catered For? There is nothing wrong with using a new caterer, but we cannot deny the expertise that comes with experience.
  2. What Services are you including? You should never assume when it comes to planning your wedding. Ask the most seemingly stupid questions. Are you going to set the tables? Do I have to pay for the waiters separately?
  3. What Is the Server to Guest Ratio? This is important because this will determine how quickly food is served and also how quickly the table is cleared. Averagely 1 waiter should attend to 12-20 guests.
  4. When is the next event you’ll be catering for, can I attend? Seeing is believing! Your caterer can tell you all you want to believe, but it’s only in a real life scenario that you’ll be sure of his/her skills. This is particularly important if you didn’t get any referrals before picking the caterer. Take note of how organized s/he is and how courteous the waiters are. Even if you can’t attend any of the weddings, ask to speak to a client s/he has worked for.
  5. Have you ever been in a situation where the crowd present was more than the food budgeted for? Of course you don’t expect her to begin to prepare another meal half way through the wedding, but you’ll love to know how she handled it. Typically Caterers always prepare for a little more than you ordered. This is what you should expect her to say.
  6. Can I have a Tasting Session Before the Wedding? Most caterers organize a tasting before the wedding. Ask if this will be the same food portion size guest will be served at the wedding. if you love the look of your meal at the tasting, ask if everything will be presented in the same way on your wedding day. Also ask to the see the utensils and plate to be used on the wedding day.

Are there any questions you think we should add to the list?

Pic Source: @goldieluxcatering
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