How To Get Rid Of Male Genital Odor

Most guys want to know how to get rid of male genital odor. For some men, genital odor can be a real problem. If the odor radiating from your genitals is strong and foul, it can hinder your s3x life. Luckily, there are some things you can do to combat this problem.

To get rid of male genital odor, you will need:
Mild antibacterial soap
Cotton underwear
Loose pajamas
Jock itch powder
Baby powder

Take care of your personal hygiene. Shower at least once a day. Think about showering twice a day if you exercise a lot or are a particularly sweaty person. When you shower, always wash your genital area with a mild antibacterial soap. When you are done showering, thoroughly dry your genital area with a towel. Too much moisture can cause bad odor and bacterial growth.

Wearing comfortable clothing. Consider switching to different underwear. Try wearing light cotton underwear, especially while exercising. Spandex and synthetic underwear tend to restrict airflow in your genital area. Switch to loose pajama bottoms in order to allow airflow while you are sleeping. Males tend to sweat while they sleep, constricting pajamas might be what is causing your bad genital odor.

Apply jock itch powder to your underwear if you have a physically intense job, or before exercising. Jock itch powder can help reduce bad odors during physical activity. Both baby powder and cornstarch can also help soak up some of the moisture in your genital area.
Trim the pubic hair around your genital area. Once a month, trim the hair around your shaft, scrotum, and anus. This will help to prevent excessive sweating.
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