Relationship experts say that when we sleep our body language actually say what’s on our mind and what we are actually going through. 
The way we and our partners sleep actually depicts if the relationship is going smoothly or if the relationship is at the edge of crashing.
I know many might have doubts about it, but experts who have actually studied this properly, can’t actually be saying otherwise. 
Here are various sleeping positions and what each position depicts:

  • Spooning: Spooning is when one person is all cuddled up behind their partner. Experts say this position is a very vulnerable one but could mean the partners both trust each other.

  • The Loose Spoon: The relationship tends to grow with time and move from spooning position to the loose spoon. This position is not as intimate and sexual as the spooning but it still shows trust and position.
  • The Chase: This position is still similar to spooning but in this case, as they both sleep one partner rolls over which might indicate they want their space or for women that love attention may mean they want to be chased.
  • The Tangle: In this position, the arms and legs of the partners are around each other. This position usually happen when the partners just finished making love or start becoming romantically involved.
  • The Liberty Lovers: In this position, the couple face opposite directions, It may seem like the couple are having issues whereas it indicates closeness and independence in the relationship.


  • The Back Kissers: This is like the Liberty lovers but in this case the couple’s back are actually touching each other. Experts say this position indicate that the partners are very fond and relaxed with one another.
  • The Leg Hug: Here, the partners legs are just touching each other. In this position, it indicates that in the relationship  one of them craves sexual or emotional attention and can’t get enough of the the other even when sleeping.

  • The Nuzzle: In these case one partner rests their head on their partner and their legs get all curled up. It is usually seen in very early relationship and rekindled ones.
  • The Space Hog: In this position, the partner can push the other person off the bed. It indicates Imbalance in the relationship.

Do you agree that the positions you and your partners sleep affects your relationship and sex life? Your comments would really be appreciated.
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