5 Things Guys Hate To Hear Girls Say

We all have stuff we don't want to hear from our spouse and those we'd love to. Ranging from "bank alert"  to " let go shopping" for the girls , and "make love to me"tongue to " you're so good in bed" for the boysgringrin
Here are things guys don't want to hear from their partners. 


Some guys get a cardiac arrest when they hear this heart breaking words. Responsible men do own up for their deeds and our cool with this news, but some dudes with the
idiosycrasy that the words are intended to tie them down. And commitment too is a no for them, a total disaster if you ask me.

2. ‘I’M BROKE’

Some hunger starved broke girls thinks relationship is a means of income or lemme say extorting monies from their partner. This is a total baloney. Generally, boys hate to spend, though some pretend to love the act, perhaps to feel big or boost their ego. 
A relationship is an emotional platform to share love, interest and feelings, not to suck each other dry Are you are leech? undecided


It a known fact that girls start " seeing their period" when they are not in the mood for sex. Imagine a guy where konji don catch, and have spent a fortune on the girl, suddenly has an opportunity to sleep with her . In his quest to get UnCloth and have a romp, he is suddenly stopped with these words. We shouldn't really blame these rapist thoughcheesy. If you've experienced this, you should decipher what am saying. It really frustrating and annoying. 


Only God knows how heart breaking these words are. For the non commital fela's, it brings them sorrowcheesy. Some girls also use these words as a yard stick for testing for their partners love, unfortunately, many fail the test. They'll judge from his reaction, especially if he hazard abortion. 
Girl: dear i have not seen my period.undecided
Akpos: OMG! Where did you keep it my love, let search togethergringrincheesy

Pls don't try this ogrin Akpos is mentally derangedcheesy 


This statement is mostly said by the virgins, primary or secondary. I spend my money on you and at the end of the day you avert my entrance into the paradise, huh?  
Ladies this is wrong. It an intimate relationship na so why postponing the heavenly act. Next time you get a new girl, and she utter those frustrating words to you, my dear you have to resort to akpos trick. 
Girl: pls dear let not have sex, i want to save it for our wedding night
Akpos: Absolutely no problem dear, but don't ask for my money cause i want to save it for our honey moon cool.

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