Earlier in the week we brought you a continental dish recipe (Shrimp Alfredo), and last week we brought you the Ofada Stew (Ayamase) recipe today we are going back to the south western part of Nigeria to bring you another traditional dish. This famous dish Originally from the south western part of Nigeria is known as Efo Riro which simply means “stirred vegetable”

The Efo riro is a delicious mix of vegetable and all sorts of proteins (meat, fish etc) and it’s something anyone that has had a taste of it definitely enjoys. Like many other traditional dish that found its way to the city, the Efo Riro has been embraced by many non-south western homes . It has become a dish that would be served at dinner gatherings and events.

One thing I particularly like is the fact that this dish serves two purposes, to prepare this delicacy you can use either the Efo shoko ( celosia argentea/Lagos spinach )  which is wildly used or the Efo Tete which we at the south eastern part refer to as “Green”( Callaloo or African Spinach ) which I prefer.

To start of, here’s what you need:

3 bunches of chopped fresh spinach (Efo tete) or
3 packs of defrosted chopped frozen spinach (9oz packs)
Parboiled meat (Goat meat or beef, Pomo, shaki) etc.
1 cup of palm oil
1 thinly sliced medium onion bulb
2 tablespoons whole locust beans (Iru)
roughly grounded tomato and pepper paste or pure pepper paste.
2 cups shredded fish (smoked Catfish preferably)
2 Tablespoon blended crayfish
½ cup red prawns (Optional)
Salt to taste
2-4 Bullion Cubes
Here’s a Video of Chef Lola showing us the simple ways we can prepare the Efo Riro sauce;

Source: Chef Lola
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