What hairstyle do you have planned for the weekend? No idea? We’ve got 14 hairstyles that would surely inspire you but first lets remember that before we have our new hair do on, we have to make sure we’ve cared, pampered and taken time to prep our hair. Remember how important it is to maintain a clean hair, its also part of proper hygiene.

We all know that hair care defers from one person to the other and this is because we all have different hair textures, some of us have relaxed hair, some natural, some a bit of both. Aside’s this some of us have really coarse and tough hair while others have very soft hair in which case when we are taking care of our hair its important that our routine fits the texture and fill of our hair.

There are so many hair texture’s and fill and we’ve explored that above but one thing that is true when it comes to maintaining our hair is that the products are different for each hair texture but the routines are the same. For hair care maintenance the following basic steps should be followed

  1. Identify your problem area (if you have split ends, suffer irritation etc) this would help you deal with it.
  2. Its important to choose your shampoos and conditioners properly, it has to suit your hair texture.
  3. Remember to give yourself a little tender love and care, always wash and condition your hair every 2 years.
  4. Its important to always trim your hair because the split ends can weaken your overall hair structure.

Below are 14 hairstyles for the weekend that would inspire you, scroll down and take a look;

Corn Rows

Natural Side part

Braid Bun

Braid Bob

Bantu Knot

Big Braids 

Wet Waves

Short Hair

Braids Mohawk

Ombre Bob

Whitish Loose Braids
Side Part
Culled from Madivas
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